Women in Economics

I was a co-founder of, and from 2018-2020 was co-chair of, Harvard Grad Women in Economics. GWE was set up to build community among women in economics at Harvard, and to bring together grad students of all genders to work towards a more inclusive economics profession. Read more on the website! One of the projects we worked on was trying move economics job market interviews at the ASSA out of hotel bedrooms (see this memo by me and Kathryn Holston, Tweet thread, & a column I wrote after the AEA's decision to move interviews out of bedrooms in Sep 2019).

The Wilberforce Society

I'm a Trustee of The Wilberforce Society, Cambridge University's student think tank. The society is entirely run by Cambridge University students, mostly undergrads, and produces a range of super interesting events, policy papers and blogs - you should check it out (here).